Hi. My name is Carly, a 23-year-old master’s candidate in Geology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I’m new to blogging, and frankly, I don’t see myself becoming a big-time blogger anytime soon (nor do I want that, I want to be outside but… the weather is sub-par here, and I need something to get my writing anxiety out of the way).

So, why then blog? Why put my effort into this corner of the internet instead of my thesis?

  1. I have a hard time sitting down to write a bunch of science jargon. I figure if I sit down to write without fear of being critically ridiculed, it might make it easier to write my thesis. Essentially, therapy is expensive AF, and this seemed like a good way to write with low-pressure.
  2. I am a slight gear junkie. I love to see what is new to the market for hiking, trekking, backpacking, and outdoor life in general. I also really enjoy reading reviews of all the new stuff (even when I have no real intention of buying it). I, therefore, hope to give back to that world and write about new things I do pick up.
  3. I am broke (real broke, I got my initial degree in the United States, so yay student loans!) and like to make inexpensive things work like all that fancy expensive shit and want to share that with you. A high price tag does not equal the best.
  4. I LOVE to cook and hope to create some trail oriented recipes to this space. I think trail food can be better than a super processed bag of dried vegetables and some water. I think camp food can be more exciting than hot dogs and hamburger. Not that either of these are bad, I just love food and am always trying to take it to the next level.
  5. Above all else, I like being outside and want to share that with other people who like being outside. Whether it be people interested in getting into the sport or someone who has hiked the Appalachian Trail, I think we can learn something from each other because everyone has a different way of doing things.

There are a lot more reasons I want to start this blog and have been thinking about it for some time. Now just seemed like a good time to start. I’ve been working hard on changing my mindset to one focused on enjoying my now instead of always focusing on the next thing.

So, now that I’ve gone through all the why’s and what’s of this blog. Who am I, and why should you read what shit spews from my keyboard?

As I mentioned in the first line, I am currently getting my master’s degree in Geology. I don’t want to be an academic; I want to work in the exploration industry finding new deposits that could be mined, i.e., I want to be paid to travel, be outside, and apply math and science. [Disclaimer: Don’t come here to tell me I am going to destroy the world by being in the mining industry. If it’s not grown, it’s mined and honey, most of what you touch came from below the surface].

Here’s everything you need to know about me in a few bullet points:

  • I love coffee;
  • I’ve hiked in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Washington, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas (I’m sure I’m missing a few states) and currently Newfoundland, Canada;
  • I’m an insomniac (not related to my love of coffee) and often hike at 5 in the morning;
  • I have four tattoos one of which being a partial sleeve;
  • I am not good at being in one spot for very long, hence the nomad thing, and have a serious wanderlust;
  • My dad used to be a chef, so I was essentially raised in the kitchen cooking; and
  • I grew up camping all the time (thanks Mom and Dad!) but, have only recently gotten into the thru-hiking life once I started college four(ish) years ago.

I’m excited to get to know you more, for you to get to know me better and to see where this thing goes. Maybe it’ll turn into weekly ranting about grad school life. Maybe it’ll become a food blog that has nothing to do with hiking. I do know; however, it will have a heartbeat centered around being outside because that part of me will never go away.  I hope you decide to stick around and hang out with me for a bit, thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “About me, the forever nomad.

  1. Hey Carly, welcome to the blogging sphere. I also have a degree in Earth Science and I don’t know, but I always feel immediately connected to fellow Geos ❤ Looking forwars to what's to come here! All the best, M.


    1. Hello! I agree we earth scientists need to (although we already do) stick together. I am also looking forward to what’s to come and to read about your PhD. Thanks for stopping by, M! Cheers, CM.

      Liked by 1 person

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